Summer internship at UST software

About UST software

UST India is a subsidiary of Universal System Technologies, Inc. (USA) with its headquarters in Michigan USA.

UST India takes immense pride in its growth and successful performance to date, which can be directly attributed to our customer’s satisfaction and confidence in our services.

UST provides business software, IT services, and solutions to business and government.

Internship project- CHATBOT

Basically the sentence is encoded in form of the conditional random fields. This vector which represents a sentence is given as input to the LSTM model. LSTM gives the output of sequence of words i.e a sentence that the user retrieves from the chatbot.

The front end is done using React js. Technologies used in this project are python, MySQL, Microsoft jupyter, React js, rasa. The following are some responses derived after training on the full dataset with an approximate of 500 questions and answers. The initial test result produced moderately coherent sentences. The following responses were generated after the inference from the trained model. Inference, the trained model produced a 5–8 candidate response for each input. Hence, the following examples are most suited to 5–8 candidate responses during inference

My internship experience

I thank Bennett University for giving me this opportunity that I have utilized to the fullest. And also our mentor Dr. A.K. Sinha for guiding and supporting our team which resulted in the completion of the project successfully.



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