Final Semester Internship at NEEMii Technology

Pola Sumanth
3 min readMay 8, 2021


Hi, everyone. Hope your safe in your homes. I am currently pursuing B.Tech final year from Bennett University. I am delighted that I have got this opportunity to share my internship experience at NEEMiiT. I have done this internship at the office for two months and the other two months from home due to ongoing condition in India. In this post, I would like to share my experience and work done in my 16-week internship.

About the Organization

The company operations are purpose-built for the creation of Technical products and services. They provide service in Application maintenance, IT Hardware, IOT, and Digital Marketing. On the product side, there is a “Workforce Eorb app” which would greatly benefit many industries it is a dream app for FMCG, Human Resource Management sector. The app would certainly give outstanding results for small enterprises and the medium sectors & much more.


In early days, the tracking devices were developed by shipping companies to track the movement of the item. They developed passive systems to meet the requirements. It stores the data in the internal memory and can be accessed once the vehicle is available. These systems are not helpful for applications that require real-time data. An automatic vehicle tracking system has been introduced to get real-time data. This system consists of Global Positioning System (GPS) device and device server to track the devices. I worked on the project which builds a system that tracks the GPS devices and retrieves real-time data using Socket programming.

Technical aspects:

I worked on Socket programming, TCP/IP protocols, JPA Repository, data visualization, MySQL.
I worked on the project that builds a system that tracks the GPS devices and retrieves real-time data using Socket programming. These GPS devices are fixed in the vehicles are needed to be tracked. The Device server will receive the data in the form of an I/O stream using a TCP/IP Connection. This data is being stored in our servers and passed to different client applications requiring vehicle tracking utilizing an HTTP connection. The server should withstand multiple clients(GPS devices) and serve them simultaneously. The decoded data should be passed to the respective organization’s servers which then be reflected in their applications.

My Experience and learnings

The first and significant thing I learned in this internship is about the office atmosphere and co-operate work culture. It cannot get from anywhere other than by working among your colleagues in the office. I am glad that I got this experience of working with them. Along with this, I learned how a project should be formulated and implemented in an organized way. Though I have good experience working with projects in the University, working in real-time projects gave me much exposure to the industry requirements. It bridged the gap between academics and industry requirements. Moreover, in this internship, I have worked on many concepts that I learned in academics. This learning boosts my experience in working with various aspects.

Conclusively, My Internship in NEEMiiT was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to apply my current view of things in a formal setting, which aided in my understanding of how an organization operates. And how to work in teams which indeed resulted in great industrial exposure. The experience I gained here, which I firmly believe, will have a good impact throughout my career. Finally, I would thank my mentor Mr. Sukesh Gangishetty(CTO and Co-founder of NEEMiiT), for this excellent opportunity to work under you. I am so glad to work with your inputs.

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Thank you!