Final Semester Internship at NEEMii Technology

Hi, everyone. Hope your safe in your homes. I am currently pursuing B.Tech final year from Bennett University. I am delighted that I have got this opportunity to share my internship experience at NEEMiiT. I have done this internship at the office for two months and the other two months from home due to ongoing condition in India. In this post, I would like to share my experience and work done in my 16-week internship.

About the Organization


Technical aspects:

My Experience and learnings

Conclusively, My Internship in NEEMiiT was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to apply my current view of things in a formal setting, which aided in my understanding of how an organization operates. And how to work in teams which indeed resulted in great industrial exposure. The experience I gained here, which I firmly believe, will have a good impact throughout my career. Finally, I would thank my mentor Mr. Sukesh Gangishetty(CTO and Co-founder of NEEMiiT), for this excellent opportunity to work under you. I am so glad to work with your inputs.

For any further doubts, do ping me.

Thank you!