India is been hugely impacted by droughts. In recent studies, since 2015 nearly 500 million people have directly or indirectly been affected by droughts. Kurnool which is located in Andhra Pradesh is one of the major drone-prone areas in the country. In 2019, the government declared that around 50 mandals…

About UST software

UST India is a highly regarded Information Technology organization founded in Delhi. Since then UST India has been providing a full range of innovative and cost-effective IT services and solutions that focus on satisfying client needs worldwide.

UST India is a subsidiary of Universal System Technologies, Inc. …


Question Answering (QA) System is very useful as most of the deep learning related problems can be modeled as a question answering problem. Consequently, the field is one of the most researched fields in computer science today. The last few years have seen considerable developments and improvement in the state…

Pola Sumanth

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